Changelog - Currently at Alpha

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Changelog - Currently at Alpha

Here you can see what's new in each version.


Current : Alpha 0.858 (stardate 20160202)

GP 0.8550,855 to 0.858:
- Fixed the bug that prevented recovering weapons on the ground. Possibility of putting them in the weapon holder.
- Fixed the bug where you’re stuck without a “main ship”.
- Fixed the bug where you can’t activate a turret near a plate.
- Fixed : the laser of the external turret could walk through walls
- Fixed the Weapon Holder.
- Four new ships in the Find & Rescue Quest.
- In the build menu, the plate buttons are all accessible.
- Fixed the boarding tube.
- Fixed the Find & Rescue Quest (the ships were the same, defenseless and without jail).
- Changed the amount of resources (gold, oil, meal) transferred by the units.
- Fixed : loss of resources during a transfer halt by a unit.
- Fixed the bug limiting the maximum amount of gold.
- Fixed the bug preventing putting plates in the front of the ship, depending on the shape of the module.
- Fixed the info text of the plates.
- Fixed : quest ships appears further, allowing them to better anticipate a fight.
- Fixed : superposition of the button for the choice of control, in the Classic / Arcade menu.
- Fixed the bug created by clicking resupply after having remove a fuel tank in Build Mode.



Alpha 0.85 (stardate 20160129)

- New control scheme : Use WASD to control the lateral and vertical movements, and Q / E for rotating (QWERTY keyboard). If you have an AZERTY keyboard, please change the keys in the launcher (W=>Z, A=>Q, Q=>A).
- Adding the "cartographer" system that displays the current coordinates of the vessel.
- Ability to perform galactic jump.
- Fixed problem on the position of looking for indicators following a galactic jump.
- Better backup of management quests states and their indicators.
- Adding a generic quest "Find And Destroy"
- Adding a generic quest "Find And rescue"
- Backing up the high score of generic quests.
- Fixed activatable systems on other vessels, they are no longer activated if you have not taken control of AI.
- Fixed stars that tremble at high speed. She did not tremble.
- Fixed the maximum level of zooming out the camera.
- Fixed rotation effect of the galaxy when we turned our ship.
- Units in healing tube no longer are affected by the lack of oxygen.
- Fixed problem of accidental fires in a damaged vessel loading.
- Oxygen generators have energy priority when disabling / destruction of a power generator.
- Ability to add protection plates on the hull of the ship.
- It is now possible to execute the prisoners.

- Fixed the bug of docking port's accidental detachment.

- The creation of system or module now costs money.
- Opposing ships are now able to use weapons like the missile launcher.
- Modification ff the structure of the basic ship.
- The music is now in stereo.
- The forge, quests markers and the player's ship are visible on the galactic map.
- Added a small button at the top right of the screen to open the main menu.
- The enemy vessels now need a pilot to be controlled by the AI of the ship.
- The enemy vessels now need a shooter to use their weapons.
- The AI of the non-player units is capable of going to work for itself on a monitoring system if the ship needs it.

- Fixed problem of rotation of captured units that have just been transferred to another vessel.

- Many, many bugs were crashed during this alpha build.


Alpha 0.78 (stardate 20151018)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed the maximum range of internal turret.
- Fixed a problem with the loading of the save folder at the beginning of the game.
- Improvement and bug correction related to the repair mechanics and the 0.77 Update.

- Integration of the mechanism of weapons selection group. (Requires improvement)
- Integration of the mechanism of capture and submission of units. (Requires improvement)
- The engines can damage modules and asteroids. (Requires improvement / balancing)

Misc :

- Overhaul of the units management script.



Alpha 0.77 (stardate 20151009)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed the default ship’s plan.
- Fixed the order of loading the save status of generators (bug found by Neuneu) - (the generator load before the other systems, as they no longer fall down).
- Fixed the transmuters ; still requires improvements (bug found by Neuneu).
- Fixed the “disappearing” bug after collision (bug found by Neuneu).
- Fixed bugs of non-feedback red light, in the absence of o2 (bug found by Neuneu).
- Fixed the bug where you could control a ship captured without anyone at the helm.
- Fixed the resolution of the cursor.
- Fixed the spread of fire.

- Integration of the selector wheel.
- Ability to repair modules, armor pieces and extinguish fires (with a unit selected hold right click on the damaged module).
- Asteroid scraps now generate 1 Pb, not 5 bp.
- Save of the modules damages.

Misc :
Create your enemies! You can copy the GSI file of your spaceship (you can find it in the folder My Documents/GalacticPrincess/data/saves/(your save’s number – don’t count the zero save) and paste it in the RandomShip folder. There is a chance you meet – and fight - your former spaceship!



Alpha 0.76 (stardate 20151006)

- Fixed bugs related to magnet storage: when it is deleted or sold, the magnet is removed (bug reported by Fredrik).
- Tilling dynamic texture of transfer link.
- Fixed a bug related to the transfer link (bug reported by Litcher).
- Fixed bug concerning a transfer of resource.
- Fixed decompression rate of audio files.
- Fixed bugs related to transmute.

- Fixed and reintegration of the boarding tube: Requires Advanced Testing.
- Problems relating to the rotation of the turrets are finally resolved.
- Ability to change the main vessel.

Alpha 0.75 (stardate 20151001)

- Fix a problem with the state backup generators
- Fix: units retained their firing order after passage between two elevators : they could shoot at a target at another floor. The problem is solved.
- Fixed texts display problem on some systems.
- Fixed the feedback of healing tube construction: the anchor points are now enabled.
- Fixed the ability to sell the internal turrets.
- Fixed a bug related to saving and loading of ships data.

- Fixed the maximum unzoom distance.
- Fixed: Automatic destruction of the transfer link’s feedback when the source storage is empty.
- Fixed: calculating the range distance of blasters when units are moving.
- Fixed animations of o2 Generator.
- Fixed the energy management of the o2 Generator.
- o2 value, generated by o2 Generator, increase.
- Fixed the management of energy cuts.
- Fixed the modules oxygen consumption.
- Fixed energy recovered during the destruction of the frame counter.
- Fixed energy recovered during the destruction of the prison.
- Fixed energy recovered during the destruction of the turret.
- Fixed magnetic forces of Air Lock.
- Increased missile control duration.
- Increased missile speed .
- Removed the particle effect of thruster missiles after impact.

- Fixed 32bits compatibility issue.


Alpha 0.74 (stardate 20150929)


- Fixed problems with the build mode in other ships.
- Fixed the problem related to the button "skip tutorial", when there was a save just after starting the quest.
- Fixed a bug related to loading of the random ship saved and the maximum number of ships. Requires improvement and testing.
- Fixed the problem on the Klaw. Requires advanced tests to find the real source of the problem.
- Fixed a bug related to the rapid destruction of a module just after its creation.
- Fixed a problem with the sound: the game sound is not muted by default during the first playtest. The volume on the main menu is the same as defined in the game.
- Fixed the Zoom: it cannot pass through the ship.
- Fixed the o2 generator monitor. It now displays the actual o2 level of the entire ship.

- Fixed the attraction force of the Airlocks, when they are connected between two ships upside down.
- Reduced the airlock magnetization forces.
- Fixed the missile physics: before, their speed varied more depending on the power of the computer.
- Fixed the Zoom: the zoom level is no more linear. Zoom speed increases with the zoom level.
- Fixed the speed of rotation of turrets: it is kept constant and does not depend on the angle between the turret and the target.
- Fixed the construction menu: “sell system” is no longer selected by default.
- Removed the possibility to create "engine 3", pending a tweaking of the values.


- Key Mapping is now configured by default QWERTY. The AZERTY keyboards, and those who have installed the game before 0.74, must remap the keys in the launcher of the game, so before you start the game, in the Input tab.
- Improved description of the missile launcher system.
- Suppression of the development feedback for the melee fight.