The Galactic Princess Awakens

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#1 Fri, 05/19/2017 - 14:34
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The Galactic Princess Awakens

New MenuDear Captains,
Dear fans and backers,
And all those who hoped and were waiting for an excellent game of space pirating,

It has been some time since the development team did not report on the progress of the project. And for good reason: the development of Galactic Princess has stopped since last summer. But I come to you with excuses, and good news.

Let's start with a quick summary:
- All backers who have not received their Steam key to access the alpha build can ask us for their key via the form of our site;
- The development of the game stopped between the summer of 2016 and March 2017 for personal reasons;
- The development of the game has resumed !

Let's start with my apologies, because I could not tell you what was happening, even if I wanted it since last fall. To write this text, I have even taken up passages written in early February. Passages from a text announcing the final end of the project. However, I did not want or could not publish it without having at least the approval of the developer of the project, Chmyke. Galactic Princess, the game and the IP, belongs to him. And he did almost everything by himself. That is his plan. But he lived a frankly horrible 2016 year, the circumstances of which I would not wish for my worst enemy. Since January 1st, I wanted to quit the project, and I was waiting for his answer.

I got that answer a few weeks ago. And suddenly, Galactic Princess has resurrected.

1 / The Past: Explanations.

My name is Pierre (Captain Pierre for the intimates). In the autumn of 2014, I offered my services to the sole developer of the game, because I had backed this project that I loved (and I always adore); I wanted to take charge of the community management so that the developer could devote all his time to the creation of the game. After all, the sum collected during the Kickstarter allowed him to cover his expenses to live for a year and dust. Once the money was exhausted, he could only work on the game half-time. And above all, one of my goals was to tell the story of Galactic Princess "in real time" (See the making of here).

So, from the fall of 2014 to the spring of 2016, we discussed the game a lot, added features, developed history, proposed alpha versions to backers, took into account their opinions to improve the game, and so on. This process was fun, exciting, and the feedback from the backers was great. A first build was offered to some backers in September 2015, then another build was available to all backers in early 2016. The development had fallen behind (which will not surprise any player who is interested in creating video games) But the project was progressing. With its exciting times, and those demotivating days. The life of an ambitious project. And until then, I was 99% certain that the project would come to an end. The only developer of the game is gifted, and he has overcome many difficulties (just to connect the ships, it was an enormous challenge (you can’t imagine our joy when the status for this task was to ‘working’!).


In the spring of 2016, the developer went through a real tragedy, the details of which I cannot get into. That said, this is not an exaggeration: what I have learned in recent weeks is frankly maddening. As a result, the project was paused for a few months, and for the time it felt better. Communication, however, became increasingly difficult.  In September, he told me he wanted to stop the project. I decided to wait, figuring that development would eventually resume in the following months. Unfortunately, it is my fault that the announcement only happens today in this update, and not back in September. I still had hope. Hoping to convince the developer to finish the game, or that he would give the go-ahead to find someone else to finish the game. Or, at worst, give the source code so that other enthusiasts could offer the game a certain purpose and closure.

We must always keep hope. Optimism costs nothing.

2 / The present

Behind the scenes : Galactic PrincessAnd so I come to you today with some really unexpected news. For a few weeks, we have resumed contact. Chmyke decided to go ahead, to turn a page of his life. Rather than making a clean sweep and move on to something else, he decided to resume from scratch.

First of all, I now have Steam keys for backers who have not received it! The opportunity to play a few hours at the first version of Galactic Princess... and discover its bugs! Do not hesitate to contact us here. Note that the new version of the game will replace this alpha build in due course. You will have access after the summer. The alpha build will be kept for the history of the video game!

So, yes, we start the development of Galactic Princess. We are rebuilding this game on new bases, knowing exactly where we want to be. This is the advantage of having devoted two years to the development of the previous build! We will purify the gameplay, while removing some features without impacting others.

Sectors"This is the only viable solution if you want to continue working," says Chmyke, who already has a ‘neutral’ build, with backup, options management, and so on. "I will be able to develop a true classroom architecture, which I did not know how to do at the beginning, but that I master perfectly now. Through class architecture, development will become much cleaner, malleable and fast. Thanks to the errors and difficulties encountered during the development, I know in advance which functionalities pose too many problems.

It's a process of simplifying a gameplay that had become too ambitious. Rather than never being able to complete this project, Chmyke prefers to get rid of the problematic elements of gameplay (which may be reintroduced later, who knows?): Craft / refinement of materials, mechanics linked to time warper, Secondary quests - which will be replaced by a FTL system of choice (Faster Than Light, which is, let us recall, our master-stallion) - the vessels which divide into pieces and thus Complete destruction of a module, mouse guidance of missiles, and space warper to move anywhere on the map. The plunder will be done automatically, without intervention of the units.


Galactic PrincessNow, let's get back to the essence of the gameplay loop. "The development of the new build will have the first phase of realizing the foundations, in order to reconnect with a style close to FTL," explains Chmyke. "Afterwards I will graft the functionalities specific to GP, like for example the mechanics linked to the slaves. The main characteristic being always the customization of ship". The progression and loop of Gameplay will be similar to those of FTL: the sectors will be divided by zones, reachable by space jump in a certain order through a destination "tree" until the end of the game. Point A to a point B, the difficulty being no longer relative to the player's ship but to the sector. The elements of the old build that will be reused will be mainly graphics and sound, and some parts of the code that do not need to be redesigned into a class architecture (such as Pathfinding). Dialogues will only take place at the beginning (cinematic) and at the end (kinematics), loading of one of the 10 zones, game over, and when a random quest appears (Example: rescue or abandon a captive).
We will have a virtual console system to chat with a bot clever, to develop the story and the lore of the game. The interface will not be entirely diegetic. The information displayed on the AI ​​console will also be visible on the edges of the screen as in a conventional interface.

3 / The future
Chmyke showed me his very precise schedule. In June, this will include developing the AI ​​of the units. In July, he planned to create the introductory and end kinematics, as well as to create the generic vessel.


Development would be completed shortly after summer. As the development process of a video game is very arduous, I expect for a delivery in the fall (but do not tell him!).

And just in time for the release of Episode VIII of the Star Wars saga, The Last Jedi!




- 1J Purification of Game Design

- 0.5J clarification and definitions of displacement mechanisms

- 0.5J clarification and definitions of control mechanisms

- 0.5J clarification and definitions of collision mechanisms

- 0.5J definition and validation of defeat conditions, captain yes / no

- 1J creation main menu

- 0.5J event class; resolution

- 0.5J class of sectors; Areas

- 0.5J evolution of events in sectors; Progression

- 0.5J evolution of the zones in relation to the increase in the sectors

- 1J gui zones

- 1J gui sectors

- 1J general progress mechanism (start, end, zone switch)

- Class of ship; Module; System;

- 1J module development, graphical integration

- 1J module, health, oxygen,

- 1J creation event forge at the beginning of each zone

- 4J ship editor

- 3J gui vessel

- 1J gui module

- 7J systems development

- 2J gui system

- 2J keybinding

- 2J player ship control mechanism

Some of you have asked how they can help us. For the moment, it's very simple: send your messages of encouragement. I believe that support is the ideal fuel to help Chmyke. The others, I will understand perfectly if you can not reiterate your confidence. That is normal.

For my part, I will show you twice a month the progress of the project. But if the development undergoes a new stroke, I shall take my bow, not without warning you before. I give a second chance, but not three.


I will soon add a little interview with Chmyke (You can already read it, with the misspellings, below, in the forum).

Captain Pierre

Thanks Sal V Cloak for the proofreading !

Fri, 05/19/2017 - 15:03
Captain Pierre's picture

Pending the correction of this text:


Captain Pierre : What is your job to consist of during the last few weeks ?

Chmyke : During the week I mainly reinstated the pathfiding, it took me 2 days more than planned in the schedule. I was obliged to do it now and not mid-May as planned, I felt I would need it earlier. It took me two more days because I refined and optimized it, it held me to heart, now it is "almost" perfect, super clear (and even annotated)! In order to check the functioning of pathfiding, I created a class for the units and started the script of their artificial intelligence, I also recreated the unit selection system. Even though all these scripts are not yet finished, they allowed me to confirm that the new pathfinding works as expected.

I also integrated the ship editor, still being very careful not to make a “gas plant” (too ambitious, in french), this task is not yet totally 100% complete, I would say 80%. I need a bit of extra time to assimilate the changes of Game design compared to the editor. As you suggested to me a few months ago, I made the decision that the modules would have functions, just like in fallout shelter. It is much more intuitive at the level of the editor for the player, no need to take the head to learn the capacities of all the systems. The systems will be directly integrated in the modules from their creation or improvement! Here is a list of the different modules: Power, security, elevator, command, conform, jail, docking, docking, medical, workshop, shield, empty

During the month of April, I also developed the mechanisms of sectors, zones and events as well as their linking and interface.

Captain Pierre : What do you plan to do for the next 2 weeks?

Chmyke : This week I will work on the AI ​​unit and the mechanism to give orders to the units, essentially the mechanisms of movement. Depending on how I get there, I think I will spent more or less time on the development of other features for the units, such as the mechanisms of attacks.

Captain Pierre : Have you encountered obstacles, and if so, how have you circumvented them?

Chmyke : I lost 2 days because of a problem of "XML serialization", namely how the data will be saved. In the script that I wanted to serialize, there were variables that, by their nature, are not serializable, so I excluded them from serialization. What I did not know is that the methods to exclude in serialization "XML" are not strictly exactly the same as in "classic" serialization. After two days of unsuccessful attempts, I decided to post the error messages I got on the Unity forum and very quickly I was taken care of by dial-up members, and I was asked the “good questions” that allowed me by myself to find my error (it is always more rewarding)

Captain Pierre : When do you think you can propose a new version to test to backers? September ?

Chmyke : To the rhythm where things are going, in July.

Captain Pierre : Ok, I’m reading august grin_open

Fri, 05/19/2017 - 15:08
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If you have questions, I'll try to answer it, but not before next wednesday (tomorrow I must go to the other side of France for the funeral of my grandmother).

And I foresee the next update about the development of the game towards June 2 or 5!

Fri, 05/19/2017 - 15:53
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Fantastic! Thank you for keeping it alive. Chmyke you're a wonderful artist and developer, the art in this game is absolutely unique and spot on, so please keep going.

Fri, 05/19/2017 - 19:58
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Just when I had taken peace with this beautiful project's apparent silent passing away, you come bring such good news. 


Chmyke & Captain Pierre: Thank you for not giving up on this project and relaunching it. You guys are great! I'm very much looking forward to playing this pearl of a game in its second itineration. 


Bonne merde, les gars!

Fri, 05/19/2017 - 20:31
Captain Pierre's picture

Gopher, Ionimus, Thank you from the bottom of our heart, your encouragements mean enormously for us!

And I'm looking forward to play the new build too ! After devoting tens of hours to the previous version ... XD

Fri, 05/19/2017 - 21:34
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Welcome back! This is exciting news, I hope you are well and good luck with development.

Sun, 05/21/2017 - 01:49
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Yeess   ,  i'm really happy to see Chmyke back ^^

i will be glad to live stream all the differents versions you will give us if you still want to

see you soon,



Sun, 05/21/2017 - 19:35
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Keep at it. Sounds like a plan, can't wait to see where it leads.

Tue, 05/23/2017 - 17:05
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Amazing news guys! As an original backer I too had sadly accepted the end of this project but am thrilled to see such a great idea and game back in development. You have my full support and thanks for giving it another chance and I look forward to many hours of fun with the finished item. In fact if there is any help I can provide (probably not!) I'd be happy to assist in any way I can:-)

Wed, 05/24/2017 - 16:24
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Thank you to all !


You'll help us when you'll play the new build, and answer some questions cool

Thu, 05/25/2017 - 16:50
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Hooray this good news indeed. I had given up all hope that this game wouldn't see the light of day. Really looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Wed, 05/31/2017 - 16:17
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i'm so happy to see you back, realy exciting!!!!!!!!!!

thank you for that, keep going <3

Tue, 06/13/2017 - 20:20
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Tous mes encouragements les gars !


Hope you're well and the development will be on rails =p

I'm more than ever conviced (like the times I backed the game) that we'll have a great game !


And after his release of 3rd quarter, do you know if Chmyke will continue to develop Galactic Princess (post-1.0 addons / updates) ? Even with a less constant rhythm ?

Thu, 06/15/2017 - 14:12
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Hi Adeber,
I can't really sau for now.


First, I hope the alpha will be readu during the summer. But the release 1.0, I think it will be near the end of the year.

Second, we want to add many features. But Chmyke works on this game since nearly 4 years, maybe he'll need holidays before doing updates ^^

Mais ouais, je compte là-dessus, personnellement grin_open