Roadmap: previously, behind the scenes of Galactic Princess – 2013-2015

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Roadmap: previously, behind the scenes of Galactic Princess – 2013-2015

SW tributeSummer 2013

The idea takes shape. First artistic research.


Autumn 2013

First version of the game "proof of concept". Inauguration of the first site. First build. Second build (...). Pre-production. (More information about these first months in a future update).


February 14 to March 16, 2014

Crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The Kickstarter has been funded in only 7 days. Successfully raised £34,180, with 2,108 backers, in one month.


Winter 2014

The iterative method allows us to optimize and strengthen our core mechanics. Once validated, we can implement new systems and features in this new order and be sure to provide a smooth gameplay. It also allows us to execute some tweaking to make Galactic Princess even more subtle and tactical.

Statistics added. To survive in space, you must learn how to manage statistics for your crew; such as hunger, tiredness and even loyalty. Galactic Princess Animated concept artThese statistics depend on race and affect directly the effectiveness of your team. For example, to provide for their needs, Ikooms need an impressive amount of meats while robots need only a few oil drops. It is essential to have a good stockpile before leaving for adventure. Neglect of these statistics would mean the death ofyour crew. A good captain knows these responsibilities. Loyalty is an important statistic. A crew without loyalty will turn against its master. Prisoners may be converted to your cause by increasing their loyalty. Imprisonment, explosive collars, race of your opponent, quests and the composition of your crew affects loyalty.

The mining system is added. It is an important step since it opens the path for new mechanics based on the gathering and use of the collected resources. Those resources will then be used to upgrade your ship and crew equipment, or once stored, for good old smuggling trades.  

Others updates:

Gameplay Improvements: Boarding bridge ; Feedback to localize enemies: sonar waves system ; Offensive giant sword (ship’s equipment) ; Diegetic feedback: unit meter, missile meter and gold meter ; Collision box tweaking ; New engine type: multidirectional engine by combining 3 propellers on one slot ; Gold/ treasure looting improved  

Visual Improvements: New shapes are introduced (to create unique design) ; Upgraded battle unit: copper robot ; New lighting system on the ship ; New animations ; Exploration spotlight ; New decorative elements ;New cursor skin: enable/disable ; Shield generator + energetic shield fx ; New foreground elements, 20 new scrap shapes.Galactic Princess Giant chainsaw

Audio: Fire shot Spacecops/ Copper robots ; Hit/ Death Spacecops/ Copper robots ; Boarding bridge activation + entrance/exit ; Energetic shield generator ; New engine sound ; Four new ambient sounds for the rooms.

A big external weapon, the chainsaw, was added.


Spring 2014

The work continues…

Gameplay: Some systems need a crew member assigned to be functional; some systems stop running when they have taken a certain amount of damage; System appearance changes accordingly to the damage taken. These systems need to be repaired to function again (repair feature is not yet implemented) ; Prison cells are operational and allow the player to block one or more units (when laser doors are closed!...) ; A claw can be placed on the ship to grab another ship or asteroids ; A new system allowing player to activate and deactivate weapons ; Elevators allow crew units to move from one floor to another, and is taken into account in pathfinding ; Ship main AI can now display information like fuel stock and total energy available. Bigger modules for the ship has been added (twice as big), which will allow player to store material and bigger equipments ; Crew units can now display messages over their heads reacting dynamically to the situation ; Camera system improvement, it is now possible to change the camera angle.

Control: Two new systems have been developed to ease the ship control, one for the speed and the other for torque; A compass system has been added; An indicator that shows current direction of the ship; A system which displays the ship current speed; A system that allows player to control Time (speeding it up, slowing it down or stopping it).

Energy: Engines now consume fuel when activated; a system to stock fuel has been added; a system producing electric energy from fuel; some systems now consume energy when activated.  

Oxygen: System generating oxygen inside the ship; a red light progressively turns on as oxygen in the ship decrease; Fire can propagate in the ship, consumes oxygen and stops when there is no more oxygen; Fire now deals damages to modules, systems and crew units.  


Summer 2014

You can now hack the Central Artificial Intelligence Unit of any boarded ship (If you reach the control room) and then control the ship navigation and all its systems. Once the ship is under your control, you can manage it as you want, and of course you’ll be able to change its structure and save it. 

Galactic PrincessImplementation of a storage system for your resources ; New transmuting system that convert a resource into another ; New arrows now displays direction and distance of the other ships around you for better orientation and anticipation; The ships can break into several parts. The units are able to move in these separated parts ; Units statistics saving and loading from one gaming session to another ; Developed Save and Load of custom Ship Structures from one gaming session to another ; Ship editing mode extended, with new modules and systems available.

New defense turrets system has been added to defend the inside of the ship! So you can transform your ship into a living hell for any intruder or mutineer. 

The units are now able to perform the following new actions: Fill a transmuter system with a stored resource. Store crafted resource in a stock. Units’ detection and shooting improved.

Memory Usage Optimization and bug hunting: Fixed various bugs related to the ship separation (pathfinding, units management, systems management...); Fixed elevators behavior; Solved problems related to texture aliasing during rotation; Optimization of resources related to lights inside the ship; Optimization on physics resources, we can build ships ten times as big as before with same impact on resources; Ship Lasers and Units blasters management & collision optimized.

Graphics : A specific shader was developed for shadows generated by the units and systems ; The visual effect of the Hyper-Space mode has been improved ; Global graphical resource management of the game improved ; Visual feedback of oxygen level in a specific module The ship armor thickness has been increased ; Your gold stock is now animated as it grows bigger ; Added a fog effect behind the ship to enhance the speed impression ; Generic features Multiple enemy ships generation from a database. 

We were also working on AI ships navigation, autopilot system, and the way the enemies units are captured.


Autumn 2014

Galactic Princess Ships are made of modules and systems. Systems are inside a module (prison, fuel tank…) or attached on the outside (motors, lasers...). We added some systems:

Fuel Tank: Will allow you to stock fuel in your ship. Fuel is a critical resource and have to be managed carefully. Fuel is consumed by thrusters and generators to produce energy. The fuel tank displays the amount of fuel remaining.

Generator: Generators transform fuel into energy. Most systems need energy to function. 1 generator produce 1 energy unit by consuming fuel over time. Generators and fuel tanks are complementary. A ship deprived from one of them becomes extremely vulnerable. The placement of these systems is therefore strategic, either if you’re attacking or defending.

Time warper: Time can be bent (stopped, accelerated or slowed) thanks to this system. The Time Warper is an illegal system, because in evil or clumsy hands it can tear apart the entire universe space time.

Framecounter: Like the Time Warper, the Framecounter is a Meta system. It measure time flow in the current dimension according to universe expansion speed, also known as Frame per Seconds. This system needs 1 energy unit for functioning.

Now let’s take a peek on other new features:

Camera focus: It’s now possible to change camera focus, by simply double clicking on a ship, (or ship part), allowing you to move quickly from one point of view to another. Thanks to this, giving order to units and moving them is made easier.

Plundering: Units can now board enemy ships and automatically transfer resources from one ship storage to another. The music you can hear in this video has been composed by Liam Davis, one of the talented musician working on Galactic Princess sound track and sound effects.

AI Ships Autopilot: Ships can now automatically move to a target. They are also able to follow other ships, adapt to their speed, rotate and attack at range.

Universe loading: Environment is now gradually loaded during player’s exploration. Some sectors of the universe are scripted and some are automatically generated. Procedural generation is still under development.

Saves management:  Player is able to save in specific location only. Currently the data saved are: Ship Structure; Ship Position; Ship stocks (Gold, Food...); Units (position, health, alignment, hunger); Visited sectors containing captured ships or surviving vessels.

Optimization: In the current state of development, ships can contain up to 80 units without any significant performance loss.


Winter 2014/2015: please read the December update!


28 March 2015: Inauguration of our new website, with a big FAQ to answer questions and a forum to initiate a conversation between future captains and the GP team.

Mon, 03/30/2015 - 11:35
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"we don't need roads", said Doc in 1985 about Hill Valley of 2015.

But in 2015, we need to continue to follow our roadmap ! After a year and a half of work, the end of the road seems damn near...

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 19:16
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About the roadmap : do you have a clear vision of what is coming in the main release and what do you want/have to put in future release ? If there is some future release (with content and not just bug hunting) of course ...

Do you plan to communicate about your 2015 dev roadmap ? With a sort of graph or timeline.

Tue, 04/21/2015 - 11:50
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Hi Adeber !

Like we said in the FAQ (Release date section) : "We’d like to insist on one thing: in December 2015, we’ll be offering version 1.0 of Galactic Princess." We know what we want in the main release : the functional game's heart. But the release is just the beginning. We'll add some content (after the bug hunting, of course ^^) in 2016, and more content ifthe game is a (little) success.

Yes, I'll like to communicate about our roadmap. But we're a little team, it's hard to say "ok, this week we need to dos this", because there are always others things to do. But we'll try !