Welcome to the new Galactic Princess website!

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#1 Mon, 03/30/2015 - 00:35
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Welcome to the new Galactic Princess website!

Dear future Space Captains,

Since our game successfully completed its crowdfunding campaign in the winter of 2014, we’ve been concentrating on its development. We have focused on creating a good game (and finishing it before the deadline). Now, nine months from the release of Galactic Princess, we’ll be regularly updating this site to give you the latest news from the Unified Galaxy.

You can now discover the answers to all your questions in our FAQ section. Feel free to ask new questions in this section of the forum. We’ll answer them as soon as possible. Also feel free to contribute your ideas on the other part of the forum!

To get the latest news about Galactic Princess, you can join us on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Steam Greenlight.

The Space Cops can trace the source of this message, so we’ll have to disconnect.

Until next time,

The Galactic Princess Team