Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: some specific parts of the game may be modified, added or removed before Galactic Princess is released.


Galactic Princess is a space exploration game that takes place in a sandbox world.
Create your pirate spaceship and manage your crew to destroy, board and pillage your enemies.

That’s up to you! You can become a wild and lawless pirate, a space privateer with your own personal codes of ethics, take on missions with competing factions, etc.
Obviously, what makes the world go round is getting (literally) mountains of gold. This gold will let you expand your spaceship (using various types of modules) or buy new internal (energy production, kitchen, resource convertor, FPS counter, etc.) or external systems (engines, armor, radar antennas, giant chainsaws, etc.). 

Considering that Galactic Princess is a sandbox game in an open world (or galaxy), in theory it never ends. But there is also narrative content for those who decide to follow the main quest. This quest will let you discover the world more in depth, and especially let you access certain exclusive equipment. So the game is linear. 

Faster The Light (FTL)/Out There/Superbrothers : Sword & Sworcery/Gods will be watching/McPixel/Star Command/Dungeon of the Endless/Starbound/Minecraft/Space Pirate and Zombies/Future Wars/Fire Emblem/Spacebase DF-9/Star Control/Another World/Riot/Captain Forever/Space Quest/Redshirt/etc…

(All these games were indeed mentioned during our Kickstarter campaign last year)

Honestly, we played some of these games…and we loved them! Galactic Princess may very well resemble many other games that take place in space. But this is often a common denominator. And of course, Galactic Princess was made with pixel art.

First of all, we love pixel art. Everyone’s free to love it or leave it. As a medium, video games offer different experiences in style and substance. Nobody’s obliged to like all these styles!

Also, when you have an extremely small team, it’s easier to create a (good) game in pixel art than in 3D...

Yes, zooming is one of the main features of the game. You can zoom in completely to micromanage your spaceship and crew, get a little distance to see other ships and decide on your approach angle, or zoom out the galactic scale which can serve as a map. Other mechanisms should be added later on in order to better use the possibilities offered by zooming.

It’s only possible to save from within your HQ. But we’re planning on including a mechanism for moms and dads who have to abruptly stop their session...

That’s up to you to decide, but even when you finish the story, you can continue to accept missions to make money and improve your ship. And find strategies that are right for you!


Battles between ships are not static (unlike in Faster Than Light and Out There, two excellent games that are often compared to Galactic Princess). You have to plan out your approach maneuvers yourself, all while managing your internal systems and crew. This is why the active pause features is so useful!

Yes and no. Gaming fun comes before any scientific consideration. But you won’t be able to just press a button to go in a certain direction. You’ll have to plan (and test out) the placement of the different engines in order to find your “moving style”.

If your hull is damaged, you’ll lose oxygen (and also perhaps members of your crew, whose bodies will float in the interstellar void!). If an enemy concentrates their firepower on a weak point in the structure of your ship, your ship can even be cut in two!

Galactic Princess games can be extremely long, so we prefer to avoid all those hours meaning nothing due to a simple error in judgment. In the worst case scenario, you’ll lose your ship, which is already pretty bad. But nothing is keeping you from having a plan B beforehand, with a second ship parked in the hangar!

The videos were made last year at an earlier stage of development. Our objective is to offer battles where winning can happen in several distinct ways. Using the active pause, you can micromanage your ship and crew in the middle of a battle. You can aim for a specific point on the hull of your enemy’s ship, board it or even orbit around it to destroy it with little firing. You can also equip your ship with “cold weapons” to enter into close-up combat.

Yes, and they can even damage your hull, so watch out! You can still equip your ship with a shield system – to prevent decompression.

The advantage is that with the right system (a tractor beam) you can recover particles. Or using a laser, you can mine asteroids and uncover rare minerals.


Yes, you can send your crew to board, but with all the risk this entails!

Yes, individually or as a group. You have to use each character’s abilities as best you can. Keep in mind that a mere robot doesn’t have the same abilities as your captain.

Currently, we haven’t yet developed this feature. This doesn’t mean that we won’t!

For now, to board a ship, you can connect to it directly if both ships are equipped with a joining airlock. Or use a boarding tube. Or sneak on board using a small single-person pod.

To repair your ship, for now you have to go back to your HQ. But other options will be added before the game is released.


Of course, you can choose the gender of your main character. And, eventually, the race.

We haven’t decided yet what will be accessible at the start and what will be unlockable over the course of the game (perhaps a robot).

Please note that this character is unique. Once it is selected, it cannot be changed – unlike the rest of your crew.

Currently, every crew member has one weapon – that can be changed at the armory (a system). They can also get gold from an enemy ship (a long process, but this can be accelerated with the right system).

Besides this, it is not impossible for the captain to carry one or several objects in order to complete a mission.

Yes, you have to keep track of hunger and loyalty. To solve any potential problems, you have to become a pro at micromanaging the ship’s system.

Modifying your ship can only take place within the hangar at your HQ, the Forge. You can expand your ship to your liking, then equip it with many different systems. But even though it might have some advantages (better weapons, for example), a large ship can be less maneuverable and reactive than a small one, and will have a larger profile to be hit by enemies. Also, you’re limited to the resources you’ve saved up and the technologies you’ve gathered.

A great number of distinct resources, as long as you have the appropriate systems.

Before the game is released (and even after), we’ll be putting in more variety in shapes and textures. It will also be possible to add armor, to the detriment of speed and maneuverability. Finally, lots of designs will be possible, depending on what the player chooses. This just isn’t our main priority right now (march 2015). Eventually, the ships won’t all look like tetrominos… unless you want them to!

If you really want to, this system should be available. Just be aware of the consequences...

You can buy automatic defense turrets that you can place inside your ship. You can also place turrets outside that can be manned by members of your crew…or by you!

The HUD is diegetic, meaning that it’s part of the background – and more specifically, the ship. It’s up the player to place the systems linked to the HUD properly so you don’t lose sight of information during battles!

If the damage isn’t too serious, an indicator will let you know if there’s an oxygen leak, using a color code. If you attempt to board a ship devoid of oxygen, you can then choose to send robots rather than humans.

You have several ways to patch up leaks – or to prevent them beforehand by the internal configuration of your ship.


The world of Galactic Princess is obviously inspired by many novels, movies, TV series and video games. But we also got our inspiration from real scientific theories as well as ancient mythology.

We’ll be presenting our world in further detail over the year by the release date. Just one thing: long, long ago, in this not-so-faraway galaxy, there apparently aren’t any planets anymore! The various species survive as they can in space.

Star Wars/Star Trek/Firefly/Battlestar Galactica/Galaxy Express 999…

Don’t forget Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Barbarella, H2G2, Solaris, Mass Effect, Foundation, Rama, Starship Troopers, Forbidden Planet, 2001, Interstellar, Captain Harlock, The Last Starfighter, Enemy Mine, Silent Running, Lost in Space, Space 1999, Women on the Moon, etc ! What we mean is that our passion is SF in all its forms. Yes, Galactic Princess takes place in space and therefore has many points in common with these worlds, in one way or another. But we’re not just trying to pay homage for the sake of it.

Everything is said in the title of the game. We won’t give anything else away for now...

(And yes, we know the "Damsel in Distress trope")

Yes. In the future, you can no longer trust bank transfers!


No. We had to make this choice. We preferred to favor solo mode. However, if it’s successful, we’ll think about integrating a multiplayer mode (in the game, or in a new edition, or sequel). But this isn’t in the works for now.

Yes. If you are boarding an enemy ship that is positioned perpendicular to yours, you can change the point of view with a click of the mouse. The same goes for if your ship is cut in two and both parts are rotating.

We’re planning on it, but this isn’t a priority for now. They may be added after the game release. Our priority for now is to develop a great game.

Yes, and the game also supports many other resolutions.

Galactic Princess was designed for the mouse/keyboard combo. Using a mouse is crucial for your gaming comfort. Micromanagement would be very difficult using a gamepad.

Yet, never say never. We’ll see if this support could be useful in one way or another, but the chances are frankly very small.

Galactic Princess was made with Unity. We love this engine!


The release of Galactic Princess is planned for mid 2016 (we can't finish the game for december 2015, as announced during the Kickstarter campaign in February 2014).

We’d like to insist on one thing: in the release version, we’ll be offering version 1.0 of Galactic Princess. We won’t be planning on an early-access release.


Yes. For now, it’s reserved for backers in the Kickstarter campaign (see below).

For those who have pre-ordered on Humble Store: we don't think we will need more participants in the alpha. For us, the alpha or beta access is not a way to play the game first, but a way to help us improve the game and to participate in its development. It's normal that we offer these opportunities for those who have allowed the development of the game. Thank you.


The game will be released on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Yes, namely on our site and through the Humble Bundle shop.

If you order the game on our site and the Humble Bundle shop, you’ll also receive a Steam key.

Galactic Princess is not designed for consoles or tablets (and especially not smartphones!).

Remember that using a gamepad would be problematic.


For the release, we will be providing the French and English versions.

Later on, translations in Spanish and Russian (and even Italian and German) may eventually be added.


You can now preorder the game on our website and at the Humble Bundle shop.



Dynatron wrote the music for the trailer: Propulsion Overdrive.

Note that a trailer needs very different music from the soundscape of a game taking place in space, where exploration is necessarily more common than intense battles. But we’ll try to add it one way or another.

You can find Dynatron’s album at:



The Galactic Princess soundtrack was written by Liam Davis and José Mora-Jiménez.

Of course! The original soundtrack will be included with the game (special edition) or independently.


Yes! You can give the name of your choice and it will be used randomly in the game. However, we won’t accept inappropriate names. The 1500 backers will be contacted about this in the upcoming months.

Yes. Those who paid the minimum amount (for beta access) on Kickstarter will have access to the beta version. They’ll then be able to give their impressions and feedback on a private page. We think that if you’ve invested in the game, that means that you love it as much as we do. Your opinion matter to us (even if we may not necessarily use it).

We’ll also be organizing surveys to get their feedback about specific subjects.

This is a possibility, especially for the soundtrack and artbook.

The alpha version is offered to (603) backers since september 2015. We worked hard in 2014 to develop the core of the game and refine the gameplay loop. We’re now going to devote the third quarter of 2015 to refining and balancing gameplay. For us, the most important thing is to offer a fun experience, even if the game isn’t finished.

Your feedback will be extremely important. We’re looking not only to offer privileged, early access to the game, but also to let you take part in the creation process... if you want to, of course!


Indeed, we only scheduled one update every two months (approximately) in 2014. We’re sorry for this, but we favored development over communication. A (part time) community manager has joined us and we’re now planning on a minimum of one update every two weeks.

The inauguration of this new site, in March 2015, is the first step in our new communication strategy. Also, this site is where you can follow all progress in the project.

These updates will be announced on our Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, SteamGreenlight and Kickstarter accounts.That way, you won’t miss the latest news about the game!

Making a (good) video takes time. However, we’re just a tiny team. We prefer to devote our time to creating the game...

We simply don’t have the time to answer all questions. But you can ask us your question on the forum. We’ll eventually answer them through this FAQ section, which we’ll be updating regularly.

This is a possibility, but it’s not in the works in the short-term.

This isn’t out of the question. It would be a change to get your feedback live!

Bonjour, cher ami! English is not our native language. We apologize, but we try to avoid making mistakes. If you spot misspellings, please let us know. Thank you!


We are passionate about video games, sci-fi and space. Like you, right?

Like we said, English is not our native language: we are French. Sorry ! But we do our best to avoid these mistakes. Do not hesitate to contact us; we will correct them.

It depends on which Star Trek or Star Wars movies you're talking about ^^

Space pizzaburger! Because all that is preceded by the term space is better.

(Because of its rarity in the galaxy, Space pizzaburger will cost you at least 15 kilos of gold in the cantina of Meisley Eos.)

When we have time (the time is a scarce resource when you create a game), we play a lot of different things. Really !

Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall, Brothers: A tale of two sons, Eidolon, Guacamalee, Gods Will Be watching, Mark of the Ninja, Tomb Raider (reboot), X-Com: Enemy Within, Out There, Shelter, Papers Please, Day Z, Speedrunners, Broforce, The Walking Dead Season 2, Dungeon of the Endless, Jazzpunk, Kairo, Papo & Yo, Lifeless Planet, The Stanley Parable, The Swapper, To The Moon, Valiant Hearts, Minecraft... No, he did not finish all these games (and he may have no time before 2016 ^^). If the developers of these games go through here: GG Guys !

Galactic princess!