Galactic Princess Alpha : The first “let’s play” !

Galactic Princess - 2015/10/01Dear Captains,

Some backers have been getting into the Galactic Princess Alpha for a few days. We received positive feedbacks that motivated us more than ever, and many constructive criticisms, ideas, bug reports (like you can see in the forum dedicated to this alpha). We have already learned a lot!

However, it turns out that Neuneu, one of the 603 alpha backers, has a streaming channel on Twitch and YouTube. We therefore propose to discover "pre-recorded live" his first impressions of Galactic Princess. Neuneu quickly learns to master the specifics of the game, despite the bugs and lack of clear objectives (something we will correct sooner than later).

Sit back, grab a beer and discover (in english !) the first impressions of Neuneu, a french Captain who lives in Brittany:


We allow all alpha participants to run a stream of the game. We just ask you to specify, in the video title (and introduction) that the game is in alpha (the build number is in bottom right of the screen during the game), and announce the existence of the videos on the forum. Seeing you play Galactic Princess allows us to learn a lot of things! For us, videos are the best "bug reporting" of the galaxy.



The Galactic Princess Team.

Thanks to L. Moor !

Devlog: The Music of Galactic Princess # 2 - Stardate 20150930

A few days after the launch of the alpha, we continue our devlogs devoted to the creation of Galactic Princess. After talking about the track Propulsion Overdrive from Dynatron, that we used for the trailer, we invite you to discover the soundtrack of the game, which was written by Liam Davis and Jose Mora-Jimenez.

Let's start with our collaboration with Liam Davis.

Galactic Princess concept artYou should know that it is not difficult to find musicians. It is much more difficult to find a good musician whose style matches the game! "When we made our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, we received many proposals from musicians", recalls Chmyke. "They are really very many ! In the video game industry, you should not be a musician (if you want a chance to break through), or you must be extremely talented". Because there is a lot of competition. Musicians who want to succeed in the gaming industry, even independent, must devote much time to make themselves known. Which Liam Davis did. "As soon as I saw the game on kickstarter I knew what the music should sound like. I got in touch with the developer", says Liam, who used all possible means of contact. "Liam sent me messages on Twitter, on Facebook, on Kickstarter, and I think also by other means!", says Chmyke. "He did not let go. So, I went on his Facebook. There was a photo of him giving a hug to a giant C-3PO. I said to myself: this is really a stroke of luck. That convinced me to give him an opportunity - that, and his insistence (laughs)! Good and of course I had listened to his music and I loved it! It clung well to the project. I think Liam was not aware (laughs). As he can see how I have chosen: with C-3PO. There are plenty of fake geeks, guys who just want a job. Him, this is not the case. He is passionate".

Liam DavisLiam Davis, who currently lives in Norwich, UK, started his passion for music and gaming when he was very young, back in the early 90's, playing Commodore and SEGA and listening to grunge music. "I learned to play guitar and joined a band and did the whole 'band thing' going on tour and recording in studios," says Liam. "I would make music on my PC with [yep!] cheap eJay music making programs like Magix and Fruity Loops and learned a lot when recording in studios. It's only relatively recently I thought about my two biggest passions combining (three if you count science fiction!) into something that I would really enjoy". Since then he has been working on a few games and projects, like Galactic Princess, Battlestation, Space Engine and Survive the Nights.

"The music for Galactic Princess was very fun to make," says Liam. "After I got in touch with Chmyke, I set about making concept for some tracks that evolved into tracks for the game. On playing early builds of the game and watching gameplay videos it was easy to get the right sound for Galactic Princess". The Galactic Princess team has a preference for a particular song, Coasting.


"I love his piece Coasting," said Chmyke. "This song is deep. It is a little neutral: it can both correspond to several situations while having its own personality. So much so that I wish him to do other versions (laughs)!" Over the last year, fans were able to discover Coasting on a few gameplay videos on YouTube. "The track 'Coasting' is full of dark synths and big reverberated drums reminiscent of old sci-fi movies and anime movies from the 80's and 90's," says Liam Davis. "I use a lot of classic Korg synths and tons of effects. Topped with tape hiss to give It that retro feel!"

You can find more about Liam Davis at: Soundcloud and Bandcamp.
You can find and follow him on Facebook, Twitter and too.

The original soundtrack will be included with the game (special edition) or independently.
We'll give you a rendezvous within a few days for the last portion of this devlog dedicated to the music of Galactic Princess.

See you soon,
The Galactic Princess team
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Alpha Mission - Stardate 20150926

Galactic Princess - 09/2015

Dear Captains,

We have the honor and joy to announce that 603 of you - the backers who invested the amount needed during the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter - now have access to the first private alpha of Galactic Princess.

These backers will receive their Steam key to download and access the Galactic Princess Alpha this weekend. If you have not received your key by September 28, please contact us at

Warning: if you are not one of the lucky ones, please don’t ask us access to the alpha. It is reserved for those who pledged the necessary sum. We don’t need more participants. Thank you in advance !

Galactic Princess - 09/2015You will have noticed that we have renamed the long-awaited "beta" to "alpha". Honestly, this is mostly to fit in with the definition of the words. Like our friend Wiki say : Alpha is the stage when key gameplay functionality is implemented, and assets are partially finished. Beta is feature and asset complete version of the game, when only bugs are being fixed. Even if this is what we have planned, it can’t be a beta by definition: we still have to add features and assets.

Let us remember that this alpha represents the heart of the game - that is, the gameplay loop. We have included a small quest to complete, which is mainly a tutorial. You will be able to do space battles and boardings. Not to forget the “free” construction of a spaceship: unlike the final game, you have immediate access to a large number of resources needed to add modules, and internal and external systems. Feel free to send us photos of your spaceships on our email, or via the forum.

If the heart of the game is finished, please note that it lacks many features still under development at different stages of completion: the mission and quest system, the economic and factions systems, special characters, etc. A few bugs aside, this alpha primarily allows you to evaluate key elements of the game that we have implemented. In the coming months, we will suggest and add new features and more or less important additions – starting with fights with cold steel.

Galactic Princess - 09/2015The video games enthusiasts know: the creation of a game is extremely complicated. We shall return to, in future devlogs, the challenges we faced. So we had to revise our schedule. The final game will not be completed by December 2015, as we thought a year ago. We apologize, of course. But all the backers (more than 2000 backers) will have access to the alpha from December. Then we’ll continue the updates, until the day we will estimate we’re ready for an official release of the game. Which we hope for spring 2016. Of course, as promised, we will continue to improve the game after its official release.

Meanwhile, we need advice and feedback from the participants in the alpha. Besides the F2 key which allows you to report bugs and ideas during the game (with a screenshot in support), we await your comments on the forum to consider your opinion! That's the whole point of the existence of this alpha: the exchange that will be born from this experience.

Galactic Princess - 09/2015For those who expect to play Galactic Princess without Steam: do not worry, the final version will be available eventually through other stores (with or without DRM).

We look forward to gathering the opinions - both positive and negative, whatever, as long as they are constructive - of our first pilots. We offer you a summary of this first alpha by mid october.

Warning: Before you start to conquer the galaxy, we advise you to look at our forum dedicated to the alpha. You may find guidance on the problems encountered, and ask questions.

We wish you much fun!

See you soon on the forum,
The Galactic Princess team

Thanks again to L. Moor !

Devlog: Improving the site, newsletter and information on the beta - Stardate 20150901

Galactic Princess - 08/2015Dear lovers of cosmic battles,
Today we invite you to to discover our latest developments.

The 603 backers (on Kickstarter) we granted access to the beta will soon be making their first trips into space. In fact, we have almost completed the design of a beta version for testing certain features of the game. We have the opportunity to add a little tutorial, in the form of a mission, so you can explore Galactic Princess in optimal conditions. Obviously, we eagerly await your feedback regarding potential bugs, but also your ideas and opinions. If we can not announce a specific date, the beta should be initiated within about two weeks. Patience... We're impatient, too !
Galactic PrincessGalactic Princess

Our talented webmaster, Kupide, completed an update of the site. You can now receive the latest news about the project by email with our new newsletter - provided, of course, you sign up to the site (but you can just add your email, too). You can subscribe via the homepage or your profile (photo).

Your profile provides an additional option: the ability to send private messages! Please check the box allowing us to contact you (photo). And you can contact other site members by visiting their profile.

Finally, you will notice that the images illustrating our devlogs are clickable. Just click on the pictures to see a larger size!

The Galactic Princess team
Thank again to L. Moor !

Devlog : The Music of Galactic Princess #1 - Dynatron – Stardate 20150830

Galactic PrincessDynatron

After relating the origins of Galactic Princess (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), we propose to talk today about the soundtrack of the game, which was written by Liam Davis and José Mora-Jimenez.

But before speaking, with them, about the work of our two talented composers, we will begin by presenting the music of the trailer of Galactic Princess, which was a resounding success. At our Kickstarter campaign in March 2014, you were particularly likely to praise the piece composed by Dynatron : Propulsion Overdrive.

80's music producer based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Dynatron, alias Jeppe Hasseriis, who is also a designer too, published in 2012 his first album, Escape Velocity, from which are taken the EP Fireburner and... Propulsion Overdrive.

DynatronChmyke, creator of Galactic Princess, discovered the work of Dynatron by chance "By serendipity!", he said, not without pride to have managed to place this term. "I think the soundtrack of the game far cry Blood Dragon - a similar music genre - had to help me ... YouTube quickly suggested the name of the channel NewRetroWave. It is a kind of label: Dynatron and the guys from the Blood Dragon soundtrack, Power Glove, are all over there. It is also thanks to the excellent soundtrack of Hotline Miami I am more interested in that kind of music. I really listened to this soundtrack on loop!"

But it was a fan made clip from images of a Harlock movie that prompted Chmyke to contact Dynatron at the end of 2013. "I showed him the game site then I asked him if it would be possible to use one of his songs - and at what price - for the trailer. He immediately said yes, and for free too! It was very nice of him, because we still had no budget." Both men selected the title Propulsion Overdrive. "The main inspiration comes from 80's power ballads in combination with Space Shuttle lift-off images and videos", adds Dynatron about this song. "The immense force of the rocket engines is absolutely breathtaking. Space travel and the science that makes it possible is awesome."

DynatronProblem: with a length of 5 minutes and 15 seconds, the song in its original version is much too long. Especially since the introduction, in the trailer, lasts about two minutes, the time to cross the galaxy in near silence and discover the wreckage of a spaceship, before attending a rhythmic montage with the track from Dynatron. "I have asked several times to Dynatron to shorten the song", continues Chmyke. "And he did it very quickly. It was really nice of him! I admit that it motivated me to take the time to create a particularly neat trailer."

Note that, even shortened by Dynatron, Propulsion Overdrive still proved too long for the needs of the trailer! "Honestly, I ended up not daring to ask him, again and again, to amputate a minute from his excellent track (laughs)." Hence the consequent duration of the first trailer of Galactic Princess: 5 minutes and 46 seconds. "I really like the trailer!", says Dynatron. "The trailer feels a little long, but I believe that has been a benefit for the kickstarter campaign. I'm impressed how well it's composed and the quirky spoken narrative is a wonderful replacement for all the deep-voiced-so-serious speak we so often get from trailers. It also surprised me how much was synchronized to the music and how well it worked." Chmyke adds : "And I understand there have been new listeners for his music through the trailer. I am very satisfied with our collaboration." Indeed, many of you asked us who was the author ! of this fabulous music!

Since then, another track from Dynatron, Cosmo Black, was featured in Cold in July, a movie drama with Michael C. Hall (Dexter), Don Johnson (Miami Vice) and Sam Shepard (The Right Stuff). Don't forget the games Power Drive 2000 by Megacom Games, Escape Machines and Cosmos Cleaners Department by Damasius Playwyn. Also, the german artist Florian Renner used a Dynatron track for a 3D short animation video.

You can find Dynatron’s first album at: Soundcloud, Bandcamp and iTunes.
You can find and follow Dynatron on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud too.

And we  kept the best for the end : Dynatron's second album, "Aeternus", will be out September 4th on Aphasia Records !

DynatronAETERNUS is a direct follower to the debut album ESCAPE VELOCITY from 2012.
Admiration of space, stars and what we may or may never discover beyond interplanetary space is a core substance on the album and draws a red line from track to track, from start to end. The album title reference how ageless, perpetual and eternal the universe may appear to us in time and volume. While ESCAPE VELOCITY had occasionally brighter moments blended with darker atmosphere, AETERNUS is focussing more on the darker soundscapes to express the ominous state of how fragile we are. The universe is controlled by massive forces and energies that can consume the Earth and cause extinction to all life known to man before evolution let us conquer new worlds.
Galactic Princess - 08/2015
Please note that a trailer needs very different music from the soundscape of a game taking place in space, where exploration is necessarily more common than intense battles. But we’ll try to add it one way or another.

With that, we'll give you a rendezvous within a few days for the next part of this devlog dedicated to the music of Galactic Princess. And more news about the beta in a few days.

See you soon,
The Galactic Princess team

Thank to our wonderful proofreader, L. Moor !