Devlog : The origins of Galactic Princess # 1 - Stardate 20150812

Dear captains,
Welcome to our new update, now devoted to the origins of Galactic Princess.

You have often asked us how the project began. It is time to answer these questions.

Too Many Me titleToo Many Me screenshot
Galactic Princess was born in the head of Chmyke (Mickael in real life), our project manager / designer / programmer / amateur of bees / handyman. In 2013, he realized, alone, his first game: Too Many Me (a project to which we will return shortly). Too Many Me: a title which corresponds rather well to his many roles in the creation of Galactic Princess!

Chmyke embarked on indie development as soon as he completed his studies in a specialized school without going through the AAA industry (AAA : blockbusters produced by famous publishers). "It's really nice to be independent," he says. "There is nobody to tell us what to do, we do what we really want, no financial pressure ... Obviously you need to succeed if you want to do that for a living. But these are not the same issues as the AAA projects". If you have participated in the financing of our project on Kickstarter, you must be passionate, and therefore you must know: Freelancing allows you to really appeal to creativity (you don’t have to meet the specifications established by a marketing department), or to just make a game you really want to play.

Like many of us, Chmyke (a predominantly PC Player: "I have some home consoles, but not the last generation, whose line-up I did not like") was excited - and motivated - by many games made by indie devs (Super Meat Boy, Fez or Minecraft, for the most known). "I love Minecraft even though at that level, it's not even an indie game. It's hard to say which games have prompted me to start. But it's really the super success of Meat Boy and some other games that have helped revive indie games." Certainly, we should not forget that behind a small list of popular games, there are hundreds of indie games that deserve the attention of video game enthusiasts. Yet with a word of mouth, some games have gotten more attention (media) than others. And it is in this way that Chmyke discovered two excellent games, which are clearly the ancestors of Galactic Princess.


Galactic Princess

A not long time ago, in a nearby galaxy

During the summer of 2013, Chmyke marvels - and this is not the first time - before FTL: Faster than Light. But his game designer's heart is titillated by the possibilities of the game. "I was thinking it would be good that we can do this, and add that, etc". At that time, he also plays Kerbal Space Program. We take this opportunity to take our hats off to the teams of Subset Games and Squad! Guys, thank you: you are our models.

Although both titles will be major influences for our team, the idea behind Galactic Princess is mostly born of a session on FTL - a space roguelike developed by Subset Games and released in 2012. "In FTL, I loved specifically to manage my crew," remembers Chmyke. "Accordingly, I almost did not pay attention to the arming of my ship (laughs)! If I lost someone, it was more dramatic than if my ship took heavy damage." Yet FTL does nothing for the player to focuses on characters who have no personality, just statistics. "This is not necessarily logical, but I really loved my characters. Getting the rank announcing that they took experience (better stats) was really nice. But I found that this dimension, which I loved, was not exploited well enough ... I really wanted to play a game centered on the crew. While also taking into account the physical forces". Chmyke was especially frustrated to not be able to control his ship in real time. "I have found it strange that we had a static vessel, and in the right of the image, there is another ship in a sort of frame. This is not what I wanted to see, actually. I really wanted that one can see the clash between the two ships, one next to the other."

As explained above, Kerbal Space Program has also influenced our vision of the project. "In KerGalactic Princess concept art - 2013bal, there are really very interesting challenges," says Chmyke. "You really learn to master the forces of physics, build your ship throughout your failures. It's awesome. There is a sandbox aspect in Kerbal, where you let your imagination run; you can do crazy stuff, that have nothing to do with what the developers had planned," he said, adding: "In Galactic Princess, there is this dimension, but not the same. And that's a shame. But one cannot have everything! (Laughs)". Indeed, over the creation of Galactic Princess, we preferred to put the sensations of the game before the respect of the reality. This doesn’t mean our game is a simple arcade game. It's about finding a happy equity. And Zeus knows how the boarding of an enemy ship is arduous when you vogue through an asteroid field ...

So during the summer of 2Concept art - Novembre 2013013, the Galactic Princess game design takes shape. "At the end of my previous game, Too Many Me, I wanted to create another project ... in pixel art," says Chmyke. "The art direction, in the pixel art style, really interested me, and I already had programs to do this. I started tweaking a few things. Then at some point in September 2013, I made a spaceship artwork in pixel art, with three modules and one person (see the illustration). By creating the concept art, I thought it would be nice to make a game that looks like FTL. In side view, graphically, because it worked well for the characters. And I already had ideas for some modules, in profile view. And I've always been attracted to physics. As an aside, if I may, I have a little theory about physics..." Note that our beloved Creator had not taken any illegal substance before speaking about this fun comparison! "When the little cubs are having fun, they give small swats with their paws. In fact, they discover their world by playing with physics. And I think the game is a little like discovering our world, learning to manipulate things. It communicates with the physical. I wanted to put physics in Galactic Princess". You will understand the message. There is some learning curve to successfully master our game. Unless you want to be a bull of space, you must have some dexterity to successfully tackle an enemy ship without becoming millions of small fragments drifting in the infinite space!

With that, we'll give you a rendezvous within a few days for the next part of this “making of” dedicated to the origins of Galactic Princess.

See you soon,
The Galactic Princess team

Thank to our wonderful proofreader, L. Moor !

Thank to our marvellous proofreader, L. Moor !
Thank to our marvellous proofreader, L. Moor !

Special Update : Kickstarter - Objective beta - stardate 20150811

Dear captains,
Dear backers,
Galactic Princess

You've helped us to finance our project in the winter of 2014. With your participation, the creator of Galactic Princess, Chmyke, was able to concentrate for more than a year on the development of the game. The creation of Galactic Princess looks like that of any video game: the joys, disappointments, and moments of bliss or despair. We have overcome many challenges - which we ourselves created, imagining the game of our dreams. But no matter the preparation upstream: when theory gives way to practice, things are getting serious, and some aspects that seemed to be mere details become time-consuming difficulties. The reality is not a fairy tale, and creating a video game is like an adventure, with its ups and downs. Rest assured: we held the course, like any space explorer in the SF and in the future. At present, we completed the heart of the game - the gameplay loop, a few bugs around.

Of course, the road ahead is still long. Some features will be added; others, superfluous, will disappear. We need to tweak the AI, menus, the creation of spaceships, the crew management, etc. We need to add quests and go bug hunting. Preparations, before take-off, is not completed. But now : we need you.

Dear captains, if you bet on this project you carry hold some interest. And if you made a donation of 20 pounds / 33 euros - double the amount for the digital version of the game - you trusted us. With, as a bonus, access to the beta. But the bonus, in reality, is for us. For us, the beta is to our benefit, not yours. We need you, your opinion, your ideas, and your comments. If you are one of those who will soon have access to the beta, you will help us to finish the game. 603 backers (of 2108) that will have access to the beta are, for us, a force.

A word to the others fans (or other backers) : it is unnecessary to ask us for access to the beta. We do not need more than 603 participants. Please understand that access to the beta is not a gift. On the contrary, if it is the opportunity to witness the metamorphosis of the game - between the beta and the final version - the beta is only a rough draft of the result we wish to achieve. Between the bugs, lack of quests and features, this version of Galactic Princess is a playground, a sandbox, we wish to use to build the final version. You will do us a service -  a gift - by giving us your views, not the contrary.

Fight in jailThis beta, to which 603 backers will have access in the coming weeks, also looks like a "god mode". While, in the final version, you will struggle to enlarge and equip your ship and recruit your crew, you'll have access, in the beta, to unlimited resources. You can therefore, from the start, make the ship of your dreams. Said like that, it sounds great. Yet one of the main interests of Galactic Princess is struggling to conceive, by the sweat of your brow, the war machine (or exploration/diplomacy/stealth ship) that suits you best. In addition, we have not yet implemented the quests (related to the scenario), missions (for resources) and bargaining. You can just have fun building a ship, before leaving to attack random enemies. We are still working on adding a (small) quest in order to test the gameplay loop in the practice of a story. With the aim of giving meaning to the beta.

Jailbreak in Galactic PrincessBut we rely primarily on our 603 backers to look back on the forums and to give us game ideas, comments, feedback (positive or negative; no matter as long as they are constructive!). Any participation is important. So is telling us when you find bugs (oh yes, you will ^^). We will set up a form on our website to facilitate your reports. While we don't necessarily keep account of all of the remarks... But you, our 603 captains, you will join, in some way, the team creating the game. It's an honor for us. Sincerely.


The Galactic Princess Team.

Thank to our marvellous proofreader, L. Moor !

- See more at:

Patience, then. We must add the quest and solve some problems, and prepare our site to help us manage your remarks.

We hope the beta will be out this month.



The Galactic Princess Team.

Thank to our marvellous proofreader, L. Moor !



The Galactic Princess Team.

Thank to our marvellous proofreader, L. Moor !

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The Galactic Princess Team.

Thank to our marvellous proofreader, L. Moor !

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PS: Do not forget you can contact us on our forum, which is the "headquarters office" for this project.

Devlog - Stardate 20150701

Hi Captains,Galactic Princess - One team

Welcome to our latest update !


Some non-exhaustive changes :

- Fixed the position of trails along the Z axis

- Reorganization of enemy ships behavioural script

- Fixed the auto pilot vessels with behaviourial script

- Fixed physics engine : the framerate should not have an influence on their engine power.

- Fixed the connection between the laser turret and weapon system that allows the ship to shoot (or not)

Hard meeting- Overhaul of asteroids behaviour

- Fixed the asteroids explosions and ship's systems explosions.

- Fixed the module explosion particles

- Fixed the explosion of laser shots fired by the external system

- Fixed the backup system for the ship systems settings and stocks. A backup malfunction occurred when one wanted to back up a system that was built before the last load

- Fixed the construction slot on angular modules

- Fixed the construction feedback sprite for the laser turretSpace battle

- Fixed the red laser explosions.

- Many more things. Many. Things. Where is the spacebed, please ?


About the beta:

During the crowdfunding campaign, we announced the beta (available for some backers) for December 2014. But our priority was the development of the game. The beta isn't a gift to the backers. On the contrary, it is helping us to finish the game. More recently, we decided to launch the beta in late spring. But due to some problems and decisions we have taken, it is postponed again to a later date. We apologize to our backers, but we will need you - only on time. This is when the version of the game will be more stable, and we can have an interesting beta (with some goals) so you can offer ideas. We'll return to this subject later in July. Thank you in advance!



The Galactic Princess Team.

Thank to our marvellous proofreader, L. Moor !

Devlog - Stardate 20150516

Galactic Princess

Hi Captains,

Welcome to our latest update !

Some non-exhaustive changes

- Fixed the boarding tubes with self-management of AI

- Fixed the scale of the docking port

- Fixed : the healing tubes may contain only certain predefined species

- Fixed the shaking on the turret

Galactic Princess spaceship
- Fixed the shadow of the elevator


- Fixed the shadow of doors


- Upped the hp of the door

- Fixed the level of depth of the doors

- Restoration of the unit conversion system.

- Fixed the slow animations of “surrender up and down”

Galactic Princess
- Fixed : mechanical type units - or other predefined types – can’t surrender

- Fixed : if the units are not equipped with a gun, it will not use the animation 'run with gun', and will use the animation "walk" in place.

- Fixed cursor animations

- Removing dead units collider

- Fixed the collider of lasers fired by units

Galactic Princess
- Fixed the Y position of a unit on a system to activate if the unit board another spaceship

- Fixed the camera zoom in pause mode

- Added a differential speed indicator. That way, we can know if we are moving toward or away from the target, and how fast.

- Added trails on motor, and development of a trail system made in-house to avoid the universe refocusing bugs. It gives a reference for movement, speed and direction between the vessels. This trail system was there at the beginning, but it was buggy because of the refocusing of the universe. I was sad to remove it ! And yes, the trail is generated according to the movements of the ship relative to the universe.  As I move all vessels during each refocusing the universe, the trail took into account this shift. The result was bad… But recently I had an epiphany and I managed to modify trail system of Unity by recreating it. Now, there is (almost) no problem!


Contest results: design a robot

Galactic PrincessLast year, we organized a contest on our old forum. We (finally) selected the winner. He will have the privilege to see his design integrated in the game! And a custom USB key…

His robot, Subject 002, is really a space dog! According to the winner, "ttttt", "no one remembers when Dog appeared on the ship but it was accepted with pleasure: it's hard to find a bot that well-versed in grinding both bodies of enemies and wastes".

Unfortunately, the winner, better known by the pseudonym "ttttt", is unreachable. If he reads this, please contact us at !


The Galactic Princess Team.

Thank to our marvellous proofreader, L. Moor !

Devlog – Stardate 20150425

Hi Captains, this is the recent progress on Galactic Princess !

Bulk advances:Galactic Princess

- Fixed bug of selecting a unit with respect to healing tubes. (Units could be treated as selected while inside a healing tube, when it should not : it caused gaps in the ranks. This stopped formations working properly)

- Improved design of the doors (design not yet finalized)

- Adaptation of physics with Unity 5. (Setting of the engine power, setting of the physical materials of the ships. Dynamic friction, bounciness, etc ...)

- Integration of the rank and backup experience system (gaining experience not yet programmed)

-Galactic Princess species Progress on AI enemy units; boarding, and moving to a unit to be able to shoot the other units.

- Saving the zoom level of the camera (still some bugs if you save too close to the max zoom)

- Premise of the integration of the system of shield

- Beginning the integration of the shield system (yes, we started adding a "shield system" to the game)

- Integration and production of Ikoom animations

- Mastering the technique of color swap


Bug fixes :

Galactic Princess- Fixed bugs on the doors; open doors continued to block the lasers.

- Fix animations of utility robot

- Lowered the speed of the utility robot 5 => 0.25

- Fixed the collider on doors

- Fixed the Elevator, bugs and efficiency. Several units can take an elevator at the same time.

- Fix collisions with the walls of the vessel blasters units; for modules Up righ / left, they occur in the middle of the module

- Fixed blaster collisions with the ship's walls; when hitting modules in the upper right/left, the hit occurs in the middle of the module [Before: when a laser/bullet hits a module, it always shows the "collision" or "hit" in the centre. Even when the laser/bullet actually collides with another part !)

- Fixed bugs on the doors

- Fixed the door animation + added new animations for new features

- Fixed the behavior of the AI regarding doors, in relation to their aggressiveness and their positioning

- Fixed the collider on the compassGalactic Princess

- Fixed the rotation angle of the armor with respect to the Right / Left / Down / Up (shapes) modules

- Adjusted the position of enemy units on the Y axis in an attack

- Searched for a solution to aliasing problems

Next week, we'll speak about the beginning of this project... Feel free to participate on the forum!


Until next time,

The Galactic Princess Team

Thank to our marvellous proofreader, L. Moor !