Better have them on your side !


The galaxy is vast and surprisingly full of life!

During your journey, you will encounter many species...

Will they become trusted allies to trade with?
Will they be deadly rivals to battle or enslave?
Will they join your crew as friends, or as slaves?




Galactic Princess






Devlog - Stardate 20141202

Hi everyone, we-re proud to present you the latest advances in Galactic Princess developped thanks to your support.

Here are a few of the new systems on which I have worked in recent months: 


Healing Tube

It allows to heal the wounded units, gradually giving them back their life. An unit inside an healingtube can’t suffer from lack of food because the damage caused by hunger are automatically treated by this System. Therefore healingtubes can be useful for long journeys preserving food stocks.



This system show inside the ship the direction which he heads.




This system converts a resource into another. Allowing access to different raremateTransmuterrials. The crafted materials can be used to improve systems or units. Units working on this system are, by themself, able to manage the inventory of the transmuter by filling or emptying towards a general storage area.

There is a type of transmuter for each possible type of transmutation. One of our goals with this system is to increase the feeling of living in the interior of the ship. Thanks to round trips of units, our ship turns into a real factory where everyone have his role.



Improved resource harvesting:

It is now possible to reap resources from modules or asteroids destroyed. These resources are attracted to the storage system using a tractor beam system. These are these resources that will be used by the Transmuter.



I have changed the structure of the units. Now, they can be equipped with different weapons regardless of their sprite. By extension of this method, I’m able to create units with different heads, despite they are of the same race. The objective is to offer a wide variety of characters from different combo in order that everyone can have a unique crew.


Units are able to pick up food by themself when they are too hungry and return to their place of work without the intervention of the player.


Laser turret:

This new weapon system consists of a laser cannon mounted on a pivot. This turret points to the player's cursor and has a clearance of 180°. The advantage of this turret is primarily to enable lessons with precision on a moving target without change the direction of the ship. 

Laser Turret













Scouts ships:

These miniature vessels have their own physical and control system. It is able to address the other ships thanks to the docking system. Other features will be integrated soon, as the possibility of transporting units.



I decided to make a little less realistic physics to improve the ships maneuverability . Now the ships have maximum speed and engine power are proportional to the speed of the ship. Thus, the braking maneuver it's much easier and it is now much easier to reach a specific point in space without suffering too big drift. The realistic physics of GP is a key component of the game, but it must not be at the expense of gameplay. That's why I took this difficult decision that I don’t regret.



Now, to upgrade a Ship, it is necessary to have a certain amount of gold to buy modules or systems. This feature is very important because it allows us to finalized the gameplay loop, adjust values and validate else Gameplay elements:


Optimization of allocated memory:

The maximum size of the ship which was 100 * 100 module was reduced to 50 * 50. Indeed, the size of large vessels strongly impact the performance of the game. By reducing this value by two, we have now a game much more fluid while maintaining a maximum ship size honorable. This optimization allows us to show more things to the screen and add else features that would have been too greedy. Thus, we can maintain the FPS at least 60 on an average configuration.  

From January I will be joined by a new colleague. Its role will be to work on the scenario of Galactic Princess and manage the community. Thus you will get most often information on development and your questions will no longer remain unanswered. 

In addition, we will also redo the forum that I had to leave to the abandonment because I had to take the decision to focus on the development at the expense of communication. This forum will be easier to access, more ergonomic and I hope that real conversation and reflection will be held. 


Thanks for your support!