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To survive in space you will need to find the
best equipment:
powerful engines, mighty generators,
deadly weapons,medic system, labs,
control systems, more or less clever robots... 
and much more!

But the most important thing is not what you get
it's what you do...

As a captain you must define your priorities:

                          - your crew
                          - your ship
                          - your cargo
                          - your quest

Make your own choices, and forge your destiny!
The fate of the ship is in your hands:

Manage your crew's abilities: from repelling intruders on your ship, to boosting the ship's systems.
As a smuggler you deal in all sorts of merchandise. From perfectly normal space pizza to pricey
and dangerous contraband such as space drugs, and even slaves. Beware though, even in space the police are watching.
Reach the speed of light to explore the galaxy.
Create your own ship and design its shape.
A Powerful Zoom System.
Place your engines wherever you want to change the mobility.

Their position will affect the control of
your ship.
Pew Pew
Bubble Gun
Long Blaster
Blaster Rifle
Pump Gun
Twisted Blaster
Percution Blaster
Knigth Sword
Samurai Sword
Mantis Hammer
Nomad Axe
Pets are your loyal companions, they help to maintain
the mental health and  abilities of your crew members.
During your travels you will meet a variety of pets: cats,
robot dogs, llamas, alien life forms...

Smugglers are your starting crew, and considered by
many to be nothing more than galactic pirates. With
their own personal code of honor they hunt through the
universe in search of power, pleasure, and riches.

Space cops are the galactic policemen, they  issue
orders without a second thought,  and will chase anyone
they consider a threat to The Unified Galaxy. In reality
they are blinded by power, and are working toward a evil
and mysterious cause.

Utility Robots:
Utility robots are your mechanical friends, they work as
engineers and have been designed for specific tasks
such as: repairs, extinguishing fires, boosting system
capabilities, and even dancing...

Nomads are cryptic characters, no one truly knows from
what planet they're from, but we do know they are
manipulative and ambitious. Most of them are
merchants, and slave dealers, but some have been
connected to shady dealings within the galaxy.

Hydrians come from a planet composed only of water.
Now that it has been destroyed they travel space
desperate  to find a new home world. They would do
anything for water...What would happen if they
discovered how  much water Humans are composed of?

Cyborgs are scientific experiments.
Half human, half mechanical, they are respected fighters
and can inflict impressive damages.

Under their cute appearance, Noyoms hide a surprising
They are often used for strategical plannings, but they
also proved their efficiency on the battlefield.

Ikooms are known for their sense of humor, that no one
understands... They are born fighters and possess an
impressive resistance. Better have them on your side!

Not much is known about the introverted and secretive
Alguiliens, and at this time further information is

Battle Robots:
Those fearless fighter units have been produced for
combat purposes.
They are balanced and reliable fighters.

Zoids are considered very ugly throughout the galaxy.
That is why they have developed their poetry skills to
counter-balance this curse. Their inner anger also helps
them be vigorous combatants.

Mantis are vicious creatures, their swarm is only
composed of females (for obvious sexual cannibalism
purposes), and their endless appetite lead them to fight
almost anyone.
They are reputed for their close combat abilities.

Space is full of mysteries, who knows what kind of
creatures you encounter during your journey...
Hope for happy surprises, expect terrifying discoveries.
The galaxy is wide.  During your journey you will encounter many species...

Will they become trusted allies to trade with?
Will they be dangerous enemies who need to be eliminated or captured?
Will they join your crew as comrades, or as slaves?
Equip your crew with the best equipment in the galaxy to increase their chances of survival.
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