Alpha 0.87 is postponed

Dear Captains,

For personal and private reasons (aka "not the game"), we will not upload alpha 0.87 today. We apologize. Alpha 0.87 is postponed for a few days. Thank you sincerely for your understanding.

The Galactic Princess team

Alpha 0.87 - Next week : new species and some windows - stardate 20160409

Dear Captains,

Since the last update, we’re hard at work to kill all the (space) bugs you found. Thank you to all! What you did, and will do, when you’re playing this alpha, really helps us.

Since February, we crash bugs, try to finish the Mac version, prepare the goodies for some Kickstarter backers…

And we’re planning new features. Next week end (april 23), you’ll discover new species. And… we can say that space seems more beautiful when you can add windows in your ship…


Tha Galactic Princess team

Alpha 0.85 : Control scheme and other infos - stardate 20160130

GP 0.85Dear Captains,

If you're one of the backers who now have access to the Galactic Princess Alpha, we hope you spend a good time with our unfinished baby. Obviously, we encountered some problems during this launch. Those related to untimely "undocking" are being corrected.

We also had a problem with the control scheme. We have set it right in the last update. Unfortunately, and we're sorry, but those who have installed the game before the update must reassign the keys in the launcher of the game:

We took into account the first returns. In a future update, you could recover gold more quickly, you could recover the weapons on the ground, the tutorial will be improved, and the quests too (with new tough enemy ships). Once we address the most urgent problems, we will work on the Windows 32bit version and Mac, and finally Linux. We could then focus on the next big update, which should be ready in early March.


See you soon on the forum,
The Galactic Princess team

5,3,2,1, Ignition ! – Stardate 20160129

GP 0.85Dear Captains,

The backers will receive their Steam key to download and access the Galactic Princess Alpha this weekend. If you have not received your key by January 31, please contact us here.

This alpha build includes the latest update. There is a tutorial, some little quests (search and destroy an enemy ship, rescue someone, etc) and what that is known as the “gameplay loop” (space battles, ground battles, building a ship, boardings, plundering, etc). Unlike the final game, you have immediate access to a large number of resources needed to add modules, and internal and external systems. Please note the lack of some features still under development, at different stages of completion: we’ll add them in the coming months. You can find the lastest changelog here.

This is a Windows 64bits build. There will be a Windows 32bits version next week. Mac version during february (and maybe Linux later).

GP 0.85Meanwhile, we need advice and feedback from the participants in the alpha. Besides the F2 key which allows you to report bugs and ideas during the game (with a screenshot in support), we await your comments on the forum to consider your opinion!

Before you start to conquer the galaxy, we advise you to look at our forum dedicated to the alpha. You may find guidance on the problems encountered, and ask questions. You can receive the latest news about the project by email with our new newsletter - provided, of course, you sign up to the site (but you can just add your email, too). You can subscribe via the homepage or your profile.

We hope to have reached Galactic Princess 1.0 in late spring/early summer. Until then, we will offGP 0.85er monthly updates (or almost). Game development, meanwhile, will continue long after its release : we have many ideas to implement!

We advise those who already have access to alpha, since September, to redo the tutorial: we added new explanations - notably about the conversion of the enemy units, using the space warp or quest system (which is not the final version).

See you soon on the forum,
The Galactic Princess team

Thanks again to L. Moor !

Calling all backers - Stardate 20160126

Galactic Princess 0.85

Dear Captains,
The time has come to send you an important message: happy new year to all!

Incidentally, we are ready to offer all backers access to the Galactic Princess Alpha from next weekend. All those who have given at least $ 16 / € 12 on Kickstarter. 1470 people will join the first 608 explorers (those with access to the game since last September).

GP 0.85

These backers will receive their Steam key to download and access the Galactic Princess Alpha before the end of this week.

If you have not received your key by February 01, please contact us.

We wish you much fun!

See you soon on the forum,
The Galactic Princess team

Thanks to L. Moor !