Devlog - Stardate 20150701

Hi Captains,Galactic Princess - One team

Welcome to our latest update !


Some non-exhaustive changes :

- Fixed the position of trails along the Z axis

- Reorganization of enemy ships behavioural script

- Fixed the auto pilot vessels with behaviourial script

- Fixed physics engine : the framerate should not have an influence on their engine power.

- Fixed the connection between the laser turret and weapon system that allows the ship to shoot (or not)

Hard meeting- Overhaul of asteroids behaviour

- Fixed the asteroids explosions and ship's systems explosions.

- Fixed the module explosion particles

- Fixed the explosion of laser shots fired by the external system

- Fixed the backup system for the ship systems settings and stocks. A backup malfunction occurred when one wanted to back up a system that was built before the last load

- Fixed the construction slot on angular modules

- Fixed the construction feedback sprite for the laser turretSpace battle

- Fixed the red laser explosions.

- Many more things. Many. Things. Where is the spacebed, please ?


About the beta:

During the crowdfunding campaign, we announced the beta (available for some backers) for December 2014. But our priority was the development of the game. The beta isn't a gift to the backers. On the contrary, it is helping us to finish the game. More recently, we decided to launch the beta in late spring. But due to some problems and decisions we have taken, it is postponed again to a later date. We apologize to our backers, but we will need you - only on time. This is when the version of the game will be more stable, and we can have an interesting beta (with some goals) so you can offer ideas. We'll return to this subject later in July. Thank you in advance!



The Galactic Princess Team.

Thank to our marvellous proofreader, L. Moor !

Devlog - Stardate 20150516

Galactic Princess

Hi Captains,

Welcome to our latest update !

Some non-exhaustive changes

- Fixed the boarding tubes with self-management of AI

- Fixed the scale of the docking port

- Fixed : the healing tubes may contain only certain predefined species

- Fixed the shaking on the turret

Galactic Princess spaceship
- Fixed the shadow of the elevator


- Fixed the shadow of doors


- Upped the hp of the door

- Fixed the level of depth of the doors

- Restoration of the unit conversion system.

- Fixed the slow animations of “surrender up and down”

Galactic Princess
- Fixed : mechanical type units - or other predefined types – can’t surrender

- Fixed : if the units are not equipped with a gun, it will not use the animation 'run with gun', and will use the animation "walk" in place.

- Fixed cursor animations

- Removing dead units collider

- Fixed the collider of lasers fired by units

Galactic Princess
- Fixed the Y position of a unit on a system to activate if the unit board another spaceship

- Fixed the camera zoom in pause mode

- Added a differential speed indicator. That way, we can know if we are moving toward or away from the target, and how fast.

- Added trails on motor, and development of a trail system made in-house to avoid the universe refocusing bugs. It gives a reference for movement, speed and direction between the vessels. This trail system was there at the beginning, but it was buggy because of the refocusing of the universe. I was sad to remove it ! And yes, the trail is generated according to the movements of the ship relative to the universe.  As I move all vessels during each refocusing the universe, the trail took into account this shift. The result was bad… But recently I had an epiphany and I managed to modify trail system of Unity by recreating it. Now, there is (almost) no problem!


Contest results: design a robot

Galactic PrincessLast year, we organized a contest on our old forum. We (finally) selected the winner. He will have the privilege to see his design integrated in the game! And a custom USB key…

His robot, Subject 002, is really a space dog! According to the winner, "ttttt", "no one remembers when Dog appeared on the ship but it was accepted with pleasure: it's hard to find a bot that well-versed in grinding both bodies of enemies and wastes".

Unfortunately, the winner, better known by the pseudonym "ttttt", is unreachable. If he reads this, please contact us at !


The Galactic Princess Team.

Thank to our marvellous proofreader, L. Moor !

Devlog – Stardate 20150425

Hi Captains, this is the recent progress on Galactic Princess !

Bulk advances:Galactic Princess

- Fixed bug of selecting a unit with respect to healing tubes. (Units could be treated as selected while inside a healing tube, when it should not : it caused gaps in the ranks. This stopped formations working properly)

- Improved design of the doors (design not yet finalized)

- Adaptation of physics with Unity 5. (Setting of the engine power, setting of the physical materials of the ships. Dynamic friction, bounciness, etc ...)

- Integration of the rank and backup experience system (gaining experience not yet programmed)

-Galactic Princess species Progress on AI enemy units; boarding, and moving to a unit to be able to shoot the other units.

- Saving the zoom level of the camera (still some bugs if you save too close to the max zoom)

- Premise of the integration of the system of shield

- Beginning the integration of the shield system (yes, we started adding a "shield system" to the game)

- Integration and production of Ikoom animations

- Mastering the technique of color swap


Bug fixes :

Galactic Princess- Fixed bugs on the doors; open doors continued to block the lasers.

- Fix animations of utility robot

- Lowered the speed of the utility robot 5 => 0.25

- Fixed the collider on doors

- Fixed the Elevator, bugs and efficiency. Several units can take an elevator at the same time.

- Fix collisions with the walls of the vessel blasters units; for modules Up righ / left, they occur in the middle of the module

- Fixed blaster collisions with the ship's walls; when hitting modules in the upper right/left, the hit occurs in the middle of the module [Before: when a laser/bullet hits a module, it always shows the "collision" or "hit" in the centre. Even when the laser/bullet actually collides with another part !)

- Fixed bugs on the doors

- Fixed the door animation + added new animations for new features

- Fixed the behavior of the AI regarding doors, in relation to their aggressiveness and their positioning

- Fixed the collider on the compassGalactic Princess

- Fixed the rotation angle of the armor with respect to the Right / Left / Down / Up (shapes) modules

- Adjusted the position of enemy units on the Y axis in an attack

- Searched for a solution to aliasing problems

Next week, we'll speak about the beginning of this project... Feel free to participate on the forum!


Until next time,

The Galactic Princess Team

Thank to our marvellous proofreader, L. Moor !

Welcome to the new Galactic Princess website!

Dear future Space Captains,

Since our game successfully completed its crowdfunding campaign in the winter of 2014, we’ve been concentrating on its development. We have focused on creating a good game (and finishing it before the deadline). Now, nine months from the release of Galactic Princess, we’ll be regularly updating this site to give you the latest news from the Unified Galaxy.

You can now discover the answers to all your questions in our FAQ section. Feel free to ask new questions in this section of the forum. We’ll answer them as soon as possible. Also feel free to contribute your ideas on the other part of the forum!

To get the latest news about Galactic Princess, you can join us on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Steam Greenlight.

The Space Cops can trace the source of this message, so we’ll have to disconnect.

Until next time,

The Galactic Princess Team